While technology has enabled Block Funds to allow improved access, the fundamentals of successful real estate investing have not changed.  Block Funds is not a financial technology company.  It is a 77 year old real estate sponsor with state of the art technology and a time-tested, comprehensive process that is continually developed and refined to ensure that every opportunity meets our exacting standards.  We believe the Block Funds proposition is unique: through our platform you are investing alongside a well-established sponsor and its institutional partners.

You can rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to understand and implement the new SEC guidelines for the protection of our investors.  The SEC requires that we take “reasonable steps” to verify the accredited status of our investment partners. With  the process we have put in place to satisfy this requirement, we are establishing what we believe to be “best practices” for the protection of all parties. It can be as simple as having your broker, attorney or accountant sign a letter we have available on our site.  We are always available to clarify the steps that must be taken.  The process is designed to help us understand your needs, articulate appropriate solutions and build long-term relationships.  We take our role as stewards seriously.

Block Funds’ management team brings over 200 years of real estate experience into sourcing, structuring, developing and managing superior commercial real estate investments. The professionals at Block Funds have been involved in over $5.3 billion in real estate transactions.

Significant Financial Resources
Block Funds' deep financial resources allow the firm to commit quickly and with confidence to an acquisition.

Intense Focus
Block Funds' intense focus on our target markets allows us to identify opportunities unrealized by our competitors.

Long-Term Relationships
Block Funds is committed to pursuing relationship-driven real estate transactions. The firm employs a long-term approach to developing and cultivating relationships with brokers, sellers and financial partners.

Alignment of Interests
Principals and management invest substantial capital in each one of Block Funds' real estate funds aligning the firm's interests with those of its investors.

Superior Deal Flow
Block Funds' size and reputation allows the firm access to unsurpassed deal flow.

National Scope
We believe that attractive opportunities exist across the United Sates. Our investment professionals identify target markets and transactions on a national basis.

Network of Strong Relationships
Block Funds has developed a strong network of relationships with leading real estate investors and institutions. This network has allowed the firm access to selective off market transactions.

Operating Excellence
Block Funds leverages its experience managing a portfolio of over 37 million square feet to execute Block Funds' world-class asset management strategies.

Block Real Estate Services Synergies
Block Funds' affiliation with a full-service commercial real estate company provides Block Funds Principals with critical market expertise across a multitude of disciplines.